GP is an integrated packaging solution provider, delivering innovative cutting-edge plastic packaging solutions to its customers.


Be it Preforms, Pet Jars , Bottles, containers, labels, caps/closures, we have an answer to every packaging requirement. When you are first venturing into the complex arena of packaging, it can all be a bit daunting. Are there standard products available or do I need to commission my own design? What material should I choose? What caps/closures are suitable for my product? How can I match the colour to other products in my range? Is it best to print or label? How much will it cost and are there any minimum order quantities? We can manage your project from start to finish.


GP has over 35 years experience and offers inspired design, consistent quality, great customer service and flexibility, and the ability to deliver on time and suit the budget. Whether you choose from our standard products range or require a tailor made exclusive solution, we are always there to help you from the start, and continue every step of the way with product selection, design, support, technical analysis, advice and continued after-sales service.

Call or visit us with your requirements and our experts will work with you to bring your concepts and ideas to a creative life.

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