In 1992, GP first introduced injection-moulded "thin-wall" containers used for cooking fats. This new plastic packaging replaced the traditionally used tin containers, and marked a major shift from tin to plastic containers by the manufacturers of edible oils in the region. This was the first injection moulding process available in East Africa and GPL gained many customers who previously relied on tin containers.

In 1996, GP pioneered the use of stretch blow moulding technology in East Africa, using food grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as a raw material. This process is used in the manufacture of packaging for food and chemical products such as mineral water bottles, and containers for the pharmaceuticals, juice and cosmetics industries.

In early 1997, GPL bought out Vitaplast Ltd which had been started the previous year as a competitor to GP's packaging manufacturing business. Subsequently Vitapalst Ltd merged with General Plastics Ltd.

GP has continued to initiate innovative plastic packaging solutions for local industries

We have deployed the best of machines, moulds, material and men to ensure that our customers benefit from our technological edge. We collaborate with European and Japanese technology leaders with one single-minded aim to develop innovative and breakthrough packaging solutions that meet the best standards of quality and performance. Ours is just a testimony to the process excellence that we bring to the table. Our 35,000 sq. meters facilities include two state-of-the-art production plants that comply with international food-grade manufacturing standards and a dedicated tool room for all research and development activity