The senior management and directors of GP are all successful business people with considerable experience in setting up and running businesses in the country. The executive directors have been involved in the plastics industry in Kenya for over 35 years.

GP has built up a strong administration and technical team to oversee production. Most of the senior managers have been with the company for a number of years.

GP is committed to delivering superior, long-term value to customers, using innovative solutions to minimize total cost of ownership and time to market. Leveraging competitive manufacturing costs, GP continually delivers customer value through multiple initiatives, from design and product introduction to distribution, including optimum utilization of manufacturing assets and inventory pipelines. Ensuring a superior cost effective supply chain, allows the company to benefit the customers.


GP sees itself as the supplier of choice in the rigid plastic packaging industry by the year 2015 in East and Central Africa. GP aims to achieve this by being Committed to 'Total Customer Satisfaction' through Manufacture and Sales of Value-added Specialty plastics. GP has also embarked on a strategic and aggressive expansion programme using latest technologies in both blow and injection molding.


Our mission – Be a world class company through innovation and providing Technology-driven Specialty Packaging for niche applications.

Be a Leader in Sustainability and Eco-friendly approaches in Plastics Packaging Manufacturing.

Be flexible in providing tailor-made Solutions to the fullest satisfaction of Customers.

Be competitive and provide satisfaction to all Stake holders, including Employees and Community at large

Corporate values

The corporate values governing GP's development include the following:

A management that is combined with the wisdom and the vast experience of the Chairman and Managing director, together with the young and ambitious co-directors who have the zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to steer the company into the future, where we blend our responsibilities with sound business practices as we educate, collaborate and innovate in our ever changing world.

Management commitment

GP has a long history of continuous efforts to achieve the highest levels of product quality and reliability. To improve our competitive position in domestic and East African Markets, there is an organized system of quality procedures and control documents under the title Quality Assurance Manual (QAM), which is an important part of our continuous improvement process.

GP's QMS adheres to the quality system requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Edition. Currently we are in the process of implementing Gemba Kaizen . This has the effect of synergizing our production systems by not only reinforcing the continuous improvement process but also enhancing our processes through introduction of lean production, improved process reliability, and creation of a more skilled workforce.